Cannabis in Fitness

Cannabis in Fitness

When thinking fitness, cannabis doesn’t usually come to mind. That’s generally because people instinctively think of high intensity exercise and forget about all the amazing low impact, slow paced activities that can be done in the name of fitness. Slow fitness.

Slow fitness is great for all age groups and is the only option for certain demographics. It includes low impacts sports, walks, low impact outdoor activities, various forms of stretching and meditation and many more low impact, low speed fitness activities.

While certain strains would not apply, ones that help with focus and creativity can be highly beneficial to many of these slow fitness activities.

Physical movement after consuming cannabis can also amplify the potency of THC in your system. This can lead to enhanced feelings of focus, creativity and relaxation. (Make sure to know your tolerance and limits, always start low and go slow.)

While some users even find benefits with regular paced fitness activities, that’s not generally recommended by us, and certainly not before consulting your doctor!

Light cannabis consumption before a nature walk can lead to some beautiful experiences. Try consuming your favourite day time strain and go bird watching, or hike some local trails! Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga are also extremely cannabis friendly activities. Many users actively pair these forms of slow fitness activities and experiences with cannabis products. Some say the right dose of cannabis enhances the mood of the activity, enhances their focus and rhythm, and leads to an overall more connected experience for the mind and body.

Cannabis is also known for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. Many athletes use cannabis post-exercise to reduce inflammation, help with pain and help with sleep. Some even apply CBD lotions, on their joints before and after a workout to stave off soreness and assist with inflammation.

Cannabis-fuelled workouts and recovery are more common than most would think, and can unfold in a wide variety of ways. It doesn’t necessarily mean smoking and it doesn’t necessarily require getting high. It could be as simple as a topical lotion, a CBD oil or a capsule. Users typically refine their usage by experimenting with various strains, terpene profiles and doses.

While cannabis experiences vary between users, the benefits of cannabis in fitness are extensive.

Try adding cannabis to some of your fitness routines and see how it goes!