Choosing the Right Rolling Paper

Choosing the Right Rolling Paper

Choosing the right rolling paper always comes down to the reason you are smoking the joint and the experience you are looking to achieve. Each situation can call for a different type of rolling paper. To help you decide, we came up with this little guide.

Is it a personal joint just for you before bed or a joint for relaxing in front of a good movie or video game? You may want the ladder to be a bit longer in size.

Is it a joint for a party with a group of avid cannabis users? This paper will definitely need to be big and long!

How about a joint for a group of first-time smokers? You might want to keep that one small and thin.

The size and length of the paper will dictate how much cannabis gets smoked. Remember to start low and go slow if you are a new user or are only looking for a mild experience. If you’re not driving, and looking for a fun, longer lasting experience; try a longer paper!

Next you need to decide if you are looking to be environmentally friendly or maybe you are looking for an all-natural option? There are biodegradable and organic options for that.

Would you like to taste your cannabis? Make sure to use something thin and natural for that!

What about a flavoured paper for a different flavour experience? The options in the flavour department are truly endless, experiment and find your favourites!

Don’t forget about coloured papers or papers with fancy designs on them! These are great for parties and cool photos with friends!

Our basic suggestion is If you want something fun, try something flavoured or coloured. If you want your traditional cannabis flavour, buy something thin and natural!

The options are endless so make sure you know the experience you are looking for and keep searching until you find what is right for you.

Make sure to experiment and have fun!