How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

The traditional joint. A favourite for many, but a task too daunting for some. Allow us to help with this simple guide.

Prepare Your Cannabis

The first step in rolling any joint is breaking up your cannabis. Depending on how dry it is, this can be done in a variety of ways. Sticky cannabis can be cut with scissors or grinded in a hand-held grinder while dry cannabis can be broken up by squeezing it between your fingers. It should be noted however, that using your fingers can remove precious terpenes from the cannabis which could affect the flavour and the overall experience. We recommend using a grinder whenever possible. See this guide to learn how to grind your cannabis. Once your cannabis is broken up into a fine consistency, you are ready to prep your rolling paper.

Prepare Your Rolling Paper

Selecting the perfect rolling paper is a totally different topic that you can learn more about here. For now, lets assume you have selected your favourite paper. You will want to prepare it by running your finger tip down the crease a few times and rolling the empty paper between your fingers to warm it up. (Make sure there are no tears or holes in your paper that could affect the burn.)

Fill the Paper with the Prepared Cannabis

Place the prepared cannabis inside the paper. Spread it out evenly for a slow, consistent burn. Fill the paper right to the ends if you want the joint to last long, just be sure to leave some room for the filter. Remember to start low and go slow if you are new to cannabis. Don’t roll too much at once, you can always roll another joint if you want more of an effect after the first one!

Roll the Joint

Once the cannabis is spread out evenly, close both sides of the paper together and slowly begin to compress the cannabis down toward the crease with your thumbs and fingers. Once you have the cannabis packed down evenly, roll it between your fingers and thumb for a few seconds to create its shape. When you are ready, bring the end without the glue down towards the cannabis, pinch the joint and roll up towards the glue side of the paper. Lick the glue and close the paper, trying to keep its shape as best you can. (This will take practice, but you will get better with every joint!) Twist the biggest end closed and leave the smaller end open for your filter.

Make Your Filter

The filter is used to open the end of the joint for a smooth draw, while preventing any cannabis from falling out the end and into your mouth. Make your filter by sizing up a small piece of cardboard (business card or thick paper) to the end of the joint and cutting it into a strip. Roll the strip the same shape as the joint and place it in the end. Fold any excess paper over the filter to help hold it in place. (Some people roll the filter into the joint with the cannabis and some prefer to stick it in the end after the joint is finished. Try both methods and see what works best your you!)

Prepare to Smoke

Once the filter is secure, you are almost ready to light your joint. The last thing we recommend is feeling for any thick or hard spots in the joint and gently pressing and massaging them to help the joint burn evenly.

Light Your Joint

Cut off the twisted end of the joint and light it. Be careful not to set the entire thing on fire as you want to smoke the cannabis rather than burn it all away with the first light. (Some cannabis users like to lick the tip of their joint before lighting it to help keep it from burning too fast. This is a personal preference and you should always check with the people you are smoking it with prior to doing this.)

Have Fun and Consume Responsibly

Rolling joints can be a lot of fun. You can play with the size and style of the joints you roll depending on your desired experience and outcome. Roll a long, fat joint for sharing with friends at a party or try rolling a small joint for yourself on a quiet evening at home. Please remember to start low and go slow when new to cannabis. Always consume responsibly and never drive high!