Our Community

Locally owned and operated, The Treehouse Cannabis Company will open its flagship recreational cannabis store in Hamilton. We are committed to putting regulatory parameters and social responsibility above all else. Our dedication to our employees and our customers results in a world class purchasing experience. Our ‘Club Members’ provide the knowledge, guidance and community service Hamilton deserves. Follow along by subscribing to our newsletter.
The Treehouse Cannabis Company supports local charities and community events and always  supports the cannabis community within Hamilton.  Click here to follow along. Always remember, cannabis affects everyone differently. The effects depend on the quantity consumed, the potency, the method of consumption and the consumers experience level. It is always best to ‘Start Low & Go Slow.’ Make sure you are somewhere safe and never drive high.
The Treehouse Cannabis Company prides itself on its engagement and transparency with the community. Please don't hesitate to forward any questions to info@thetreehousecannabisco.com